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Go Kart Chains 35 219 428

Kart Parts Depot carries 219 chains, 35 chains and 428 chains. The #35 go kart chains are most frequently used in 4 cycle racing. The #219 go karts chains are most often used in 2 cycle racing although there is overlap between the two and the #428 go kart chain is often used for shifter karts. Regardless of which kart class you're racing, we've got you covered with great go kart parts, great prices and great service!

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Kart Parts Depot - Getting you back on track...FASTER! You get quality go kart parts, easy ordering, and great customer service with one stop shopping. Whether you need 428, 35 or 219 chains, chain breakers, or master links, find these go kart parts and more at Kart Parts Depot.