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Go Kart Foot Support Rests, Pedal Platforms and Heel Cradles

Give your kart racing foot or (feet) a break with feet support rests and cradles for your heel.

Kart Parts Depot has a full range of heel support cradles and foot rests to help reduce fatigue. From easy to add cradle foot rests to the latest in adjustable feet support comfort for Shifter, TaG and Enduro racers needing high performance full pedal platform options.

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Kart Parts Depot - putting the pedal to the metal to get you back on track...FAST! With quality go kart parts, easy ordering, and great customer service we offer one stop shopping for all of your kart racing needs. We have a great selection of go kart feet supports, heel cradles and foot rests including the latest in adjustable full pedal platform and foot support options.