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High Performance Kart Tires
Choosing the right go kart tires for the weather and track conditions is crucial if you want to be successful racing go karts. Choosing the wrong type of go kart tire can lead to drifting and sliding, difficult handling, and accidents. Discover how to select tires that will increase your enjoyment and success when racing go karts. Even cheap go karts can be fast if you mount high quality tires.
The Right Go Kart Tires are Crucial for Racing Success
If you race go karts and want to win, knowing the facts about go kart tires is one of the most important criteria for being successful. Kart racing through turns at bullet speeds requires not only good tires, but the right type of go kart tires. Without the correct type of go kart tire you will soon find yourself drifting through turns and dropping further back from the leaders.
When Should Go Kart Tires be Replaced?
When go kart tires become overly worn they should be replaced. It's usually not difficult to know when to change them because your ride will begin to feel less smooth, especially through turns. You may also notice less track grip along with excessive drifting or sliding in the turns. Additionally, go kart tires are made with tiny holes that can help you determine when they are overly worn. If you examine these holes and see that they are not very deep it's a good indication that it's time for new go kart tires.
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