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Go Kart Kid Cadet Rookie and Junior Kart Racing Safety Gear and Parts

Racing in the Cadet, Junior, Rookie or Kid Kart Classes? Check out this category for everything you need! We're still building the category, so come back often as we add new parts and new gear to make it easy for you to find everything you need including SFI Certified Rib Vests, Youth Neck Collars, Child Racing Jackets, Restrictor Plates, Pedal Extenders, Pedal Risers, Kid Gloves, and more in one place. Thanks for your patience.

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Get the go kart safety gear, parts and accessories you need to race in Kid Kart Racing Classes, Junior Kart Racing Classes, and Rookie Kart Racing Classes. With Kid Rib Vests, Junior Rib Vests, Kid Neck Collars, Restrictor Plates, Pedal Extenders, Child Helmets, Youth Racing Jackets, Kid Gloves, Youth Racing Pants and more Kart Parts Depot makes it easy to find the safety gear and parts you need for your child's racing. Kart Parts Depot has Great Parts, Great Prices and Great Service to Get You Back on Track Faster!