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Sprint and Shifter Kart Fuel Tanks - In Liter Sizes with 1 Gallon and 2 Gallon Capacity, Screw Fixing, Quick Release or Fixed Joint Steering Mount Styles

We have a full line of Quick Release Liter Gas Tanks that can be screwed onto sprint, shifter, TaG, oval, dirt track, endurance and other style karts using a mounting bracket with knob (sold separately) to quickly remove or place the fuel tank on the go kart. These go kart fuel tanks are available in 3 Liter, 5 Liter, and the larger 2 gallon capacity 8.5 Liter (2.2 Gallon) and 9 Liter (2.4 Gallon) sizes. Available with red or black caps, these Quick Release Fuel Tanks are our most popular Sprint Kart gas tanks. We also have 3 liter, 5 liter and 7.5 liter steering mount style tanks. The smaller capacity 3 Liter tanks fit most Mini Kart, Cadet Kart, Baby Kart and Junior style go karts. Kart Parts Depot - Fueling You To The Finish Line!

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Go Kart gas tanks for all your kart racing needs - or drone, trike, flying bike... Liter Size Gas tanks that are screw fixing with specialized mounting hardware designed for quick release and easy mounting on your kart. . Kart Parts Depot has great fuel tanks, great prices, and great service to get you back on track or in the air!